Barnizados y Montajes Villacañas


Founded in 1989, it has been a reference point in the Spanish block-port manufacturing market ever since, making all of the essential components, except for the lock fittings.

BARMOVI is a company dedicated to manufacturing wooden doors and blocks. Our manufacturing system has been revolutionary from the start and we have been careful to maintain and improve both our technological approach, increasing our lines and incorporating cutting-edge methods, and the human factor, which we consider to be decisive, as it is this dimension that differentiates our products and imbues them with exquisite professionalism that has been acquired with a long experience in the field, giving our products a different touch and setting them apart from those of other manufacturers.

We would like to invite you to join us in feeling the pleasure of living a new experience in your own home by installing our products. You won’t be disappointed if you choose BARMOVI. Feel the exclusivity of real comfort and the warmth of natural products in your home.



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Convocatoria Junta Extraordinaria. 2014
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BARNIZADOS Y MONTAJES VILLACAÑAS S.A. convoca una Junta General Extraordinaria que se celebrará (D.m.) el próximo dia 16 de Diciembre de 2014 a las 18:30

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