Providing top-quality advice for almost 10 years, we have extensive experience in all areas of business law, as well as in advising companies on their day-to-day business and on all kinds of large transactions.

Business knowledge

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years working with companies from all sectors, our lawyers, who have extensive knowledge of all business sectors, offer clients tailormade advice to meet both their specific needs and those of their businesses.

Legal updates

We organize informative sessions for our clients, on the latest legal developments and any updates relevant to their needs and those of their businesses.


Our large team of academics and university lecturers share their skills and knowledge within the firm, offering top-quality internal training, establishing criteria for the interpretation of the law and, if required, advising our lawyers and clients on their day-to-day business.

Knowledge management

GVJ & ASSOCIATES has a team of lawyers in its criteria coordination, knowledge management and legal information groups. These groups gather the lawyers’ professional experience and information from public sources, ensuring that up-to-date information on precedents is always available.